Who Really Understands Health Care Insurance?

I wonder who really understands healthcare insurance?  I read a lot of articles from people who angrily denounce the Affordable Healthcare Act, and a few from those who say it’s the best thing to happen in a while.   I know how it feels to have health insurance – I have been blessed with several jobs that offered it as a matter of course.  The portion I was expected to pay monthly did not cause undue financial hardship for me, but I did have several co-workers who could not afford it.  They receieved healthcare from clinics that were partially funded by the government, using either sliding scale fee to make their payment, or paying the full office visit fee + labs + meds.  I also know how it feels to not have health insurance.  I have joined the ranks of people who receive health care from health care centers.  When I am able to purchase health care insurance again, I will do so.  When did health care become a gamble?


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